10 reasons why freelancing is great

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10 reasons why freelancing is great

There are still a lot of myths when it comes to the world of freelancing. Thanks to improvements in technology and a changing workforce, the ability to become own boss is becoming more and more common. But even so, when you are a full-time freelancer, chances are half of your friends and family imagine you spend your days lazing around in your sweatpants eating bon-bons.

The truth is that freelancers are some of the hardest working people out there, having to wear many hats and put in long hours each day. Still, there are plenty of advantages to freelancing. Here are just a few.

10. You are the boss. Almost everyone has a "horrible boss" story that's always good for a few laughs over dinner. When you are a freelancer, one of the big advantages is you don't have to ever worry about another micromanaging, unethical or downright mean boss ever again, because your boss is the most awesome person in the world: YOU!

9. Flexible schedule. If you have family commitments or you work better from midnight to 7 a.m. than 9-to-5, freelancing offers you the option to create your own schedule. Because you are totally responsible for your work, you don't have to feel bad about running errands or spending some extra time with your kids, as long as you are able to fit your work in at another time.

8. The sky is the limit on your earning potential. Unlike a traditional career where you have to beg for raises and struggle with corporate hierarchy in order to advance, your freelance earnings are instead fueled by your own ingenuity, your potential to work hard and drum up new business. 

7. Great for people who love to work alone. If you work better alone than in groups, freelancing is a great option. Chances are, you're the kind of person who can focus intensely on the task at hand without needing to have 10 meetings to discuss how to go about completing the project. If so, freelancing might be for you.

6. You'll learn the ins and outs of business. As a freelancer, you'll probably learn about aspects of business you might never have considered before. For example, you'll need to familiarize yourself with marketing, accounting and bidding. Smart freelancers connect to tools that can help them with these aspects of business, such as PriceTag.

5. You can work anywhere. Without being tied to an office, freelancers can work from their homes, coffee shops, the park or beach -- even in their PJs! Another great advantage is that if you need to relocate to a new state, your freelance business can pick up and travel with you.

4. You'll be more responsive to change. As a one-person operation, you can more easily realign your business to accommodate the needs of your clients than a large corporation can. Need to add a new service? Learn a new skill? You don't have to get anyone's permission but your own.

3. Sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day, you can see the tangible results of your hard work and feel accomplished about what you were able to achieve.

2. Business write-offs. Though there are some financial drawbacks to owning your own business, there are also some benefits in terms of tax deductions. For example, expenses related to your home office, car, supplies and travel can all potentially be written off. Check with your accountant for more information.

1. You'll be doing what you love. As a freelancer, chances are good that you'll be dedicating your work to your passion. That's a great way to improve your quality of life by focusing on producing work that you're proud of.

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