Are your projects delivered on time?

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Are your projects delivered on time?

Humans generally aren't good at estimating deadlines for large scale projects.  Just look at the latest big constuction projects in your city and you'll realize that most of them will be completed months, if not years, later than originally planned.  Why does this happens?  Because a complex project, in any industry, requires a detailed set of tasks to comprise a set of deliverables that make up a project.

Therefore, if you want to quote a project right, follow these steps:

  1. Start with the most basic set of deliverables.  In a technological project this could be the design, the beta product, a custom designed functionality and an API integration.
  2. After the deliverables are set for the project, the best approach is to select what tasks are going to be needed for each deliverable.  For example, on the design, you could determine that you need a wireframing task, a design round 1, a design round 2.
  3. Once you have discussed the tasks with the different experts in your company, estimate the amount of hours that each task will take.
  4. With a clear concept of the hours per task, assign each task to members of your team. Remember that a task can be done by more than one member.  Moreover, because you know your team so well, it should be easy to determine the best person for the job.  If you believe that the person assigned to that task will not be able to finish on time, you have two options.  The first is to increase the number of hours for that task. The second option is to add another person to it.
This approach has worked for me for several years.

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