Create "no-sweat" quotes with Pricetag

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Create "no-sweat" quotes with Pricetag

Picture it: you're sitting in a face-to-face meeting with a potential client who's showing some serious signs of interest in your services. You're feeling really good about this. The topic of a quote rolls around ... and suddenly you've got to think fast.

Are your palms sweating yet?

If you're using Pricetag, there's no sweat involved. With this awesome tool at your fingertips, those potentially nerve-wracking moments become opportunities for your company to shine. Because Pricetag utilizes your own previously defined pricing model, most of your work has already been done for you, so you can confidently sit back, log in to Pricetag and generate a quote within minutes.

Here's a rundown of how it works, in three easy steps:

  1. When you get started with Pricetag, the first thing you do is set up your pricing model. You also define roles for your key employees and assign rates for their work responsibilities, which represent your actual base costs. You can input either hourly rates or annual salaries -- Pricetag will take care of the math for you.

  2. Then add the additional costs that are associated with your products and services. These include overhead costs and standard expenses.

  3. Finally, set up your desired profit margins in order to keep your business on track for success.

You only do this setup once, and it will be available for you to use when building quotes again and again.

OK, back to your client meeting. With all the legwork already done, all that's left is some customization for the project at hand. Within minutes, you can generate a quote for the client who is literally sitting right across from you. Email him or her a copy or export a PDF of your quote, all customized with your company logo. It will appear that you spent hours working on it and will be sure to impress your clients with a polished first impression.

Did you or someone on your team generate a quote for the client previously? Rather than fumbling around through a stack of papers, with Pricetag all previously generated quotes are stored in a centralized database, easily available for your reference. That means you present a unified front for your client and make sure you and your employees are always on the same page.

Pricetag also enables you to empower new employees to do quotes, including partners, sales associates and technical staff, knowing that this tool takes the guesswork out of quoting and leads to fewer errors. User roles can be limited so they are not able to change your settings.

So that's all there is to it. Pricetag simplifies the quoting process so that all that's left for you to do is to say "welcome aboard" to your new clients.

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