Keeping Jobs in the USA by Doing Amazing Work

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Keeping Jobs in the USA by Doing Amazing Work

A recent episode of ABC’s entrepreneur-centric reality show “Shark Tank” featured an inventor who was shot down by the “sharks” simply because he refused to compromise on his ideal of having his product and company built in America. The investors to whom he was pitching his ideas said that he was unrealistic in his expectation. Without first establishing the product and the brand, investors said that he couldn't produce and sell his product within the country’s borders and be profitable. 
The product, for all intents and purposes, is one that the investors believe has a lot of potential. They, however, were unrelenting in the fact that fully domestic company would not be profitable.

But, can amazing work, an amazing product and an amazing company coupled with an unrelenting spirit be successful within the borders of the U.S.A.? Is it possible to keep jobs within our own borders?

Quality vs. Quantity

Many business owners and stock holders are quick to look for the return on investment and in many cases want to make up their ROI as quickly as possible. We hear news reports on a regular basis of companies outsourcing entire IT departments in order to take advantage of the lower service and labor costs. Is it possible for a domestic company to compete against those who utilize off-shore affiliates?

Of course it is. And, in fact, it creates opportunities for businesses to improve themselves in order to compete in a global economy.

Businesses that want to succeed within the U.S. need to get it right from the beginning. Otherwise, the inexpensive -- and often lower-quality -- off-shore competition is waiting in the wings to gobble up those dissatisfied with the services and products. As inconsequential as each step may seem individually, the collective whole makes up the customer’s experience. Therefore, each step is as vital to the end result.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but hire smart. Just because your sister’s friend needs a job doesn’t mean you need to hire her. The job market is teeming with qualified professionals looking for employment or to make a career change. Find the one that will make your business better than it was without her. By having the best team in place, your business has much better chance at survival.

From the initial introductory email to customer follow-up, providing services above-and-beyond will help solidify your place within the competitive landscape. Customer service should be made a priority. It’s the overall experience that builds brand loyalty and encourages word-of-mouth advertising.

Despite the fact that costs associated with domestic businesses tend to be higher, it’s vital to be realistic when establishing price points and bids. You obviously need to be concerned about making a profit, but you don’t want to scare your customers away before they can even see what you can do. Pricetag allows you to manage the bidding process and set your projects up for success.

By using Pricetag, you can establish the competitive quotes that drive profits even with the domestic cost structure. Pricetag gets it right the first time, helping you keep the customer without undermining your skills and services with low bids. 

Show that your quality cannot be matched elsewhere. And if there is a problem with your product, stand behind it. Offer extended warranties, free replacements, additional revisions, whatever is needed to prove to your customer that you believe in your product.

Of course, having a product that holds its own doesn’t hurt either.

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