Making Quotes Count

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Making Quotes Count

Quoting is a vital part of the sales process, much like throwing a pass in football. Here's how your players can use sales quotes to make a touchdown and not drop the ball and lose the game.

One of the first things to do to score a sale is to create value in the quote, says sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer. You want that potential customer to look at your bid and trust that it is a well-thought-out, researched proposal that can be used as a reference point when evaluating other bids. This kind of transparency builds a relationship with the potential customer -- which can benefit your company in the long run. You'll be establishing trust and rapport.

A price quote shows expertise and knowledge of the industry, and rarely is a bid rejected solely on the basis of a quoted high price. However, according to Wunderkind Australian entrepreneur Mathew Carpenter, a proposal that is vague is likely to get dismissed. A sale will be lost before it ever had a chance to be negotiated and cemented.

The quote should describe how your company will add value and quality to the project, which will give an added benefit of establishing the bid as a reference point for the potential customer. 

A salesperson with a detailed, customer-specific quote can use that proposal to highlight your company's full spectrum of services. Without a tailored quote, warns executive coach and consultant Krista Moore, the prospective customer could get the impression your company didn't listen to the customer's needs.

Clear communication is another aspect of a sales quote and gives the potential customer a good indication of how your company's customer service will play out once they've signed on as a client. Templates can help with keeping your company message clear and also save time.

Taking a page out of the customer service playbook, a quote should also show a possible customer that the company is friendly and yet still professional. A potential customer will hire the company that highlights its interest.

Building value and trust through clear communication shows clients they can rely on your company's quote. You are also letting them know they can use your quote as a reference to measure other bids. This technique can lead to more conversions of leads to sales -- the same way passing that football down the field for a touchdown can be a game-winner.

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