New Features Multi-Currency and AutoSave are finally here!

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New Features Multi-Currency and AutoSave are finally here!

Hello Pricetaggers,

We are happy to announce two exciting new features you'll find next time you log in - AutoSave throughout the 4-steps process, and Multi-Currency capability!

This was on our to-do list for a while and it’s finally here. With AutoSave, all the steps of your quotes are saved in the background, where you can review and retrieve them without having to worry about losing any information. We’re especially excited about this feature because it comes in handy on several occasions when creating quotes. For example, if you’re working on a quote late at night and realize it needs extra information that can only be obtained the next day while the rest of the world is awake, don’t worry, hit the sack, AutoSave has your back. When you wake up, pour yourself some coffee and login to your computer, you’ll be happy to find that all of last night’s changes are there waiting for you. AutoSave also comes in handy during those dreaded occasions when the browser crashes or is closed by mistake and all information is lost. Fear not, AutoSave once again has your back - login to Pricetag and you’ll find your work right where you left off.

This feature is a global setting that will affect all quotes created in the system, both new and old. As with all features in Pricetag, it’s very easy to use - you can switch between currencies with a simple click. So if you selected one by mistake, you can switch back very easily. Just keep in mind that switching to another currency will not automatically calculate  the difference in prices/rates for different currencies. Meaning that if you calculated one quote in one currency, you’ll have to change rates manually to reflect the other currency. 

As always, please send us your feedback and share your thoughts, suggestions, concerns, or praise. We hope you still enjoy using Pricetag as much as we do! Remember that the key to quoting is pricing correctly so you not only win the job, but also make money! Stay tuned for new features that are in our pipeline, including the use of templates for different types of projects. We’ll announce these in our blog and twitter feed.


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