The value of Pricetag: a centralized quoting center for your company

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The value of Pricetag: a centralized quoting center for your company

Forget about those nasty spreadsheets and create quotes on the go, even with your client present. Pricetag’s approach to quoting is based on a previously defined pricing model that allows having a centralized place for all your quotes.

If you are managing a development company, I’m almost certain you have encountered the issue of having more than one quote for the same client. Your sales guy, partner or other staff member created a quote without any guidelines, only using their own points of view. Of course you talked about it during a previous meeting, but you don’t have a centralized quoting folder that allows you to know how those quotes were made. Sooner rather than later, this problem will escalate, creating friction between those who charged more than those who charged less for a similar project.

With Pricetag, the first thing you do is set up your pricing model. This means choosing your employees and their roles, assigning rates to each one of them, which represent your actual costs. Once you are done adding your company structure, the second step is to add additional costs that are commonly used in your segment of the tech industry. The third step is to set up your margin levels. Here you decide how much money you want to make.

Once the settings have been configured for your company, you are ready to create new quotes fast. You don’t have to remember cost values or profit margins because they were created previously. As a result, now is time to invite and trust new people in your company to do the quoting. Usually you include your partners, sales associates and tech guys who are involved in the quoting process. If the recently invited users are set with limited access, they will not be able to change your settings, protecting your company from creating quotes with values that you, as the owner, don’t trust to be real.

Pricetag not only will help protect your company from creating inaccurate quotes, but also helps you have a unified repository of quotes that you can control and use for later reports.

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