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Keeping Jobs in the USA by Doing Amazing Work

A recent episode of ABC’s entrepreneur-centric reality show “Shark Tank” featured an inventor who was shot down by the “sharks” simply because he refused to compromise on his ideal of having his product and company built in America. The investors to whom he was pitching his ideas said that he was unrealistic in his expectation.

Making Quotes Count

Quoting is a vital part of the sales process, much like throwing a pass in football. Here's how your players can use sales quotes to make a touchdown and not drop the ball and lose the game.

The Day Everyone Quit

Managing a startup is tough. That's no secret. Most great leaders recognize that they're only as good as their teams. What happens if you lose sight of that or lose the support of your team? What happens if everyone quits?

TechCrunch: Lessons to Be Learned

For years, TechCrunch had been a major technology news site and a must-stop for high tech entrepreneurs. It had a well-known conference for startups. In the fall of 2010, site founder and owner Michael Arrington sold the company to AOL for tens of millions of dollars while extracting a promise that TechCrunch would retain editorial independence.

What’s It Worth To You Anyway?

Figuring out what price to charge for your services doesn't have to require a crystal ball. It all starts with planning, which Pricetag can provide, and doing some upfront research. Here are some tips on how to set prices so that you don't price yourself out or underbid on a project: 

Climbing to the Top of the Management Pyramid

One of the latest models for studying good management skills comes from Kammy Haynes, author of The Exceptional Manager series.

Haynes developed a "management pyramid" built with individual "bricks" that each represent necessary management skills. Let's take a look at each of the layers of the pyramid and the individual skills that make up each layer.

Layer 1: Everyday Details


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