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The 15-Minute MBA

Any business, whether an accounting firm, art gallery, or real estate agency needs the same basic business knowledge to be successful. Hence the proliferation of the MBA.

The Master's of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to suit the purposes of businesses large and small, non-profit or for-profit. But not every company has an MBA onboard. Are they missing out on crucial business information that can make them more successful?

5 Best Apps to Track Your Costs

The last thing most of us want to be doing is sifting through complicated spreadsheets to tally up and analyze business expenses. Luckily, there are all kinds of apps -- many of them free or very affordable -- that take care of the heavy lifting associated with keeping track of your company's finances. Here are a few of our favorites. 

1. InDinero

Somewhat of a for your business expenses, InDinero links up with your company's bank accounts in order to give you a clear snapshot of what you're spending on.

How is Pricetag connected to Rework by 37 signals?

Well, it’s simple. Rework was a major influence in the creation of Pricetag. We adhered to its philosophy in both our process and product. We went from concept to launch in less than four months, and ended up with something that makes us really proud. We think it’s going to change the industry. Here’s how we did it.

10 reasons why freelancing is great

There are still a lot of myths when it comes to the world of freelancing. Thanks to improvements in technology and a changing workforce, the ability to become own boss is becoming more and more common. But even so, when you are a full-time freelancer, chances are half of your friends and family imagine you spend your days lazing around in your sweatpants eating bon-bons.

The truth is that freelancers are some of the hardest working people out there, having to wear many hats and put in long hours each day. Still, there are plenty of advantages to freelancing. Here are just a few.

You Can Skype Me At . . . .

Virtual face-to-face pitching is an attractive option for increasing business. Sharing your ideas through video-calling programs such as Skype offers you the benefits of a face-to-face meeting when an actual in-person get-together isn't feasible.

While virtual meeting pitch sessions have their benefits, they also possess drawbacks. Consider the positives and negatives before sharing your great ideas via video.


Tumbling the Management Pyramid

Though some variation of the management pyramid has been part of our business culture since the Industrial Revolution, some key thinkers believe that it's time to ditch the old ways of thinking and make room for innovative new business models. 

Much like the way we have re-framed our ideas about nutrition and ditched the old Food Pyramid, is it time to invert -- or even dismantle -- the management pyramid?


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