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Create "no-sweat" quotes with Pricetag

Picture it: you're sitting in a face-to-face meeting with a potential client who's showing some serious signs of interest in your services. You're feeling really good about this. The topic of a quote rolls around ... and suddenly you've got to think fast.

Are your palms sweating yet?

How to Handle a Hairy RFP

Complex projects require special attention to RFPs.

In the software development business, we live and die by our ability to sell big ideas. So generally, receiving an RFP is cause for celebration.  New clients.  New projects. New revenues. 

The value of Pricetag: a centralized quoting center for your company

Forget about those nasty spreadsheets and create quotes on the go, even with your client present. Pricetag’s approach to quoting is based on a previously defined pricing model that allows having a centralized place for all your quotes.

Are your projects delivered on time?

Humans generally aren't good at estimating deadlines for large scale projects.  Just look at the latest big constuction projects in your city and you'll realize that most of them will be completed months, if not years, later than originally planned.  Why does this happens?  Because a complex project, in any industry, requires a detailed set of tasks to comprise a set of deliverables that make up a project.

Therefore, if you want to quote a project right, follow these steps:

How to negotiate a project

A very common first step in any negotiation is to identify who the stakeholders are.  On a typical web development project, the stakeholders are your client, his boss and some probable influencers like the accountant or the cable guy :) .  Don’t get me wrong, many times the influencers are not the people you think they are. On your side, the influencers are all your team members that work on the project.  Identifying this group is key, since they will try to influence you and push you to their

What is the cost of misquoting?

During all these years working in technology companies I have seen how costly it really is to misquote a project. Why we do it?  Well, a lot of different reasons, but mainly because we don’t have a clear idea of how quoting accurately works.


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