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The Day Everyone Quit

Managing a startup is tough. That's no secret. Most great leaders recognize that they're only as good as their teams. What happens if you lose sight of that or lose the support of your team? What happens if everyone quits?

That's exactly what happened to managers at an entertainment complex earlier this year, according to a report on The complex, a...

TechCrunch: Lessons to Be Learned

For years, TechCrunch had been a major technology news site and a must-stop for high tech entrepreneurs. It had a well-known conference for startups. In the fall of 2010, site founder and owner Michael Arrington sold the company to AOL for tens of millions of dollars while extracting a promise that TechCrunch would retain editorial independence.

Within a year, the entire operation would be in turmoil. A number of people at TechCrunch would chafe at...

The 15-Minute MBA

Any business, whether an accounting firm, art gallery, or real estate agency needs the same basic business knowledge to be successful. Hence the proliferation of the MBA.

The Master's of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to suit the purposes of businesses large and small, non-profit or for-profit. But not every company has an MBA onboard. Are they missing out on crucial business information that can make them more successful?

Not necessarily. Below we outline some of...

How to Stay Focused When You Work Online

You work in the online world -- maybe it's in high tech or some socially-driven business model. You're trying to concentrate on some tricky code or a new twist on a social marketing campaign. But then ... it happens. Your mind wanders and starts to wonder how your score on, the social network influencer site, is running -- oh no, it's down a point!

Quick, find some interesting links, fire up Twitter, and start sending out tweets. For good measure, scroll down to see what...

Are your projects delivered on time?

Humans generally aren't good at estimating deadlines for large scale projects.  Just look at the latest big constuction projects in your city and you'll realize that most of them will be completed months, if not years, later than originally planned.  Why does this happens?  Because a complex project, in any industry, requires a detailed set of tasks to comprise a set of deliverables that make up a project.

Therefore, if you want to quote a project right, follow these...

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