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The 15-Minute MBA

Any business, whether an accounting firm, art gallery, or real estate agency needs the same basic business knowledge to be successful. Hence the proliferation of the MBA.

The Master's of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to suit the purposes of businesses large and small, non-profit or for-profit. But not every company has an MBA onboard. Are they missing out on crucial business information that can make them more successful?

Not necessarily. Below we outline some of...

Negotiate as if Your Life Depended on It—Because It Does

The call finally comes. A customer wants to talk about potential business. But before you jump in and offer your right arm, take a deep breath and remember that small businesses live and die by how well they negotiate their business contracts. Consider the following seven effective negotiation tactics.

1. Know What You Want

The only way to come from a position of power and self-confidence during negotiations is to...

How to negotiate a project

A very common first step in any negotiation is to identify who the stakeholders are.  On a typical web development project, the stakeholders are your client, his boss and some probable influencers like the accountant or the cable guy :) .  Don’t get me wrong, many times the influencers are not the people you think they are. On your side, the influencers are all your team members that work on the project.  Identifying this group is key, since they will try to influence you and...

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