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Making Quotes Count

Quoting is a vital part of the sales process, much like throwing a pass in football. Here's how your players can use sales quotes to make a touchdown and not drop the ball and lose the game.

One of the first things to do to score a sale is to create value in the quote, says sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer. You want that potential customer to look at your bid and trust that it is a well-thought-out, researched proposal...

What’s It Worth To You Anyway?

Figuring out what price to charge for your services doesn't have to require a crystal ball. It all starts with planning, which Pricetag can provide, and doing some upfront research. Here are some tips on how to set prices so that you don't price yourself out or underbid on a project: 

1. Do your homework. Just like in school, doing your homework pays off. Find out who your competition is and get a price quote...

Are your projects delivered on time?

Humans generally aren't good at estimating deadlines for large scale projects.  Just look at the latest big constuction projects in your city and you'll realize that most of them will be completed months, if not years, later than originally planned.  Why does this happens?  Because a complex project, in any industry, requires a detailed set of tasks to comprise a set of deliverables that make up a project.

Therefore, if you want to quote a project right, follow these...

What is the cost of misquoting?

During all these years working in technology companies I have seen how costly it really is to misquote a project. Why we do it?  Well, a lot of different reasons, but mainly because we don’t have a clear idea of how quoting accurately works.

Quoting is a process that has little value inside technology companies and the lack of priority causes big losses. For example, many times companies focus on the opportunity of the sale, and not the actual quote. If an interesting client asks...

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